International Students Exchange Department

Anabella Sergio | Jefa de Departamento | MAIL | +54-11-5287-0545
Lina Tentoni | Asistente | Incoming MAIL | Outgoing MAIL | +54-11-5287-0239

This Department acts as a link between FAUBA and foreign Universities in all matters related to student exchange programs and its implementation.

In order to do that, it promotes and manages the participation in inter-colleges mobility programs.

International Studies Program

Short Programs

Unique selection of courses aimed at fostering the academic and cultural exchange of national and international students.

  • Academic offering
  1. Economics of agrifood systems in Argentina
  2. From the plate to the farm. An Agribusiness approach
  3. Dairy production in pastoral environments
  4. Interaction between biotechnology and environment in the context of Argentinean agro-ecosystems
  5. An ecological trip to the Pampa grasslands
  6. Introduction to Crop Physiology
  7. Molecular ecology of plant-insect interactions in field crops
  8. Soil fertility in conventional and zero tillage systems
  9. Plants from Argentine´s aboriginal agriculture
  10. Elements of Rural Development
  11. Management of agroecosystems
  12. Territorial Studies in Argentina: “An Interdisciplinary Approach”. Argentina: A country of contrast
  13. Global Change and Ecological Consequences of Human Impact in Terrestrial Ecosystems
  14. Ecological Networks: Theory, Analysys and Applications
  15. Economic and Financial Aspects of the Climate Challenge: an Argentine Perspective
  • Spanish course for beginners & for intermediate provided by our Language Center  
  • 4 weeks of intensive courses
  • Optional: lodging + traveling around Argentina + leisure activities
  • 3 credits per course
Faculty Led Programs

Short term courses designed and led by FAUBA Faculty Members, in which students gain initial exposure to a new culture.

  • 2-8 weeks 
  • Most programs are generally focused on a particular theme
  • 10-20 students per program (internationals and locals mixed)
  • At any time of the year
  • Number of credits awarded will depend on the time of the chosen course.   
Research Training Semester

A wide selection of labs to contribute to the enrichment of the academical background of students and the development of professional skills.

  • Academic offering
  1. Dairy production in pastoral environments
  2. Plant cell walls. Characterization of Polysaccharides and Applications
  3. Introduction to Plant Biotechnology
  • 1 semester course
  • Optional: Lodging + Traveling around Argentina + Leisure activities
  • 12 credits per semester
Spanish + Academic Course

One semester in our Language Center plus one semester taking regular classes. Students will learn not just Spanish but also any subject of our curricula.

  1. academic year
  • Optional: summer break: Argentinean coast & winter break: skiing resorts
  • Credits: the number of credits awarded will depend on the courses chosen by the students.
Pre-professional Internships

Students will be guided by a mentor professor. They will have the possibility of doing a stay from one to four months.

  • Places:
    • Agrarian company  
    • Experimental Field
    • Lab
  • Application period: one semester in advance
  • Credits: the number of credits awarded will depend on the time spent doing the internship.