Technical Course in Gardening

General Characteristics of the Course

The course in Gardening extends for 3 years and its studies plan includes 21 subjects, 2 of which are bi-monthly and 17 are quarterly; the time load totals 1,400 hours (87,5 credits). To obtain the degree, students must present a final intensification paper. The course is given at the Devoto venue.

  • Complete secondary studies
  • Enrollment in the Common Basic Cycle (CBC)
  • Technician in Gardening


To train professionals in scientific, technical and aesthetic skills to make adequate use of the available technology and their artistic creativity to design a gardening project, provide theoretical tools and encourage skills to transform and transfer technological breakthroughs to their working environment and favor insights on the situation of this area at a national and international level.

Working Possibilities

The technician in Gardening will be able to develop this career in the following fields:

  • Production: elaboration of a project, direction, execution and maintenance of a garden, maintenance of private and public works, pest control.
  • Academic: teacher at primary or secondary schools or specialization courses at agrarian schools.