• Dean
    Ing. Agr. Marcela Edith Gally, Dra.
  • Vice Dean
    Ing. Agr. Adriana Kantolic, Dra.
  • Academic Secretary
    Ing. Agr. Adriana M. Rodríguez
  • Secretary of Research and Post-graduate
    Ing. Agr. Flavio H. Gutiérrez Boem, Dr.
  • Secretary of Student Welfare and Community Affairs
    Ing. Agr. Alejandra Gil, M.Sc.  
  • Secretary Extension
    Ing. Agr. Pablo Rush
  • Secretary of Development and Institutional Affairs
    Ing. Agr. Carina Álvarez, Dra.
  • Secretary of Administrative Supervision
    Ing. Agr. Guillermo Hanickel
  • Secretary of Habitat
    Ing. Agr. Gerardo Ourracariet
  • Legal Secretary
    Abog. Mariana Guissarri Espin