Meats Laboratory

The Lab for Meat Certification was created under an international agreement subscribed in 1999 between the School of Agronomy and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to develop a Joint Project on Environmentally Sustainable Animal Production Systems.

The National Institute of Agrarian Technology (INTA), the Consortium for Regional Development Promotion (CORPRODER) and the Argentine AnGus Association also participate in this project.


  • Contribute to the sustainable development of meat production, improve productivity and meat quality; and preserve pastures as part of the environment.
  • Transfer to the cattle producer the results of the investigations carried out under this international collaboration project.

Human Resources

The Lab activity is directed by Agr. Eng. Alfredo Utsumi.

Team members are appointed by the Department of Animal Production. Other members belong to the Biometry and Improvement Program of the FAUBA Graduates Center.


Quality entails several factors. All of those factors which can be measured and pondered are evaluated at the lab. The technological equipment helps to analyze fat quality: omega 3, omega 6, CLA, tenderness and other on field ultra-sound evaluations are performed to estimate sirloin area, marbling and dorsal fat width. Field predictions are also performed.

Scientific Activity

Research development is based on the search, collection and use of data on animal production and the revision of preliminary results of animal production studies carried out by the School and the INTA. Based on such data, the following aspects are studied:

  • Quality and quantity
  • Techniques to measure final product quality and efficiency, and techniques to set quality standards for producers
  • Animal nutrition and food analysis
  • Use of forage in the animal ecological system

Research Circulation

Research results are included in publications on Animal Production. Seminars on meat quality, animal nutrition and animal production systems are organized for investigators, technicians and government agents.


Lab for Meat Certification - Zootecnia Hall - School of Agriculture